Episode 17: How To Be Friends With Your Body

Do you ever push your body to its limits, ignoring the signals it sends you? Well, it’s time for a shift in perspective. This episode is all about recognizing our bodies as allies in our journey, not enemies. It’s about fostering a healthier relationship with our bodies, treating them with kindness, listening to their unique needs, and taking care of them, not out of fear or pressure, but out of love.

We often spend so much time and energy managing our minds, we can forget about the critical role our bodies play in our overall well-being. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, physical activity – they’re not just about looking good, they’re about laying the foundation for our resilience and wellness. As we navigate our hectic schedules, we must remember to activate the wise woman within us, using her wisdom to guide us in caring for ourselves, acknowledging our bodies’ amazing feats, and creating a powerful two-way communication between our body and mind.

We discuss the art of listening to our bodies and acknowledging the signals they’re sending us. We delve into how proper nutrition, rest, and physical activity can fuel our bodies and lay the foundation for our overall well-being. This is more than just about looking good, it’s about fostering a healthier relationship with our bodies, recognizing their unique needs, and treating them with kindness and understanding. 

In this episode, we also examine simple ways to show love and respect for our bodies through self-care. From stretching and yoga, to guided imagery, and sitting in the sun, we touch upon various techniques to connect with ourselves and our bodies. As we wind up, we reflect on how love and fear can both be present in life, and how choosing love when it comes to caring for our bodies can be a game-changer. Join us as we strive to lead our families by showing them the way to holistic wellness.

What you will learn on this episode:

– How to approach body wellness in a holistic manner, caring for both physical and mental health.

– The importance of creating a strong relationship with your body and understanding its signals.

– The role of proper nutrition, rest, and physical activity in fueling our bodies and maintaining overall well-being.

– Strategies to break the comparison trap and appreciate your unique body and its needs.

– The coexistence of love and fear in life, and how choosing love when caring for our bodies can be a game-changer.

– Recognizing the importance of body connection and self-care in fostering a resilient relationship with your body.

– Techniques to strengthen your connection with your body, such as meditation and mindful observation.

– Encouragement to reach out to professionals when feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from your body.

– The potential of using different forms of self-care to foster a healthier relationship with our bodies.




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