Take care of YOU, so you can take care of THEM.

Become a Leadership Parent™

What is Leadership Parenting™?

Leadership Parenting™ is a journey — a journey that starts with YOU.

I’ll be your guide as you personally build resiliency and learn the skills needed to find joy & meaning in your every day as a mom.

We’ll then work together to take that resiliency — which you’ve built in yourself — and give you the toolkit to build the same resiliency in your kids.

Learn how to take care of YOU

Building resiliency is key to taking care of YOU. Leigh’s Resiliency System will give you the skills and knowledge to thrive.

find joy and meaning in your everday

Motherhood can and should be a joyful journey. Learn how to drive your thoughts and feelings instead of letting them drive you.

Become a Leadership Parent™

Know what your child needs at every stage of development. Equip them with the same resiliency that will help them grow, develop, and thrive.

Being a Mom is hard. Let me help.

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