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Self Care is all about getting connected to your body and listening to what it needs! There are some basic building blocks of good self care, and once you know where you are winning and where you need to apply some extra attention, you will be well on your way to taking radically good care of yourself!

Take this Self Care Quiz to assess where you are having success at self care and where you might need a little extra TLC and then come on back to see what your results might mean.

Take a look at what your score might mean!

  • 48-57: Way to go! You are really dialed in to taking exceptional care of yourself! You know how to use sleep, movement and nutrition to give you the foundation you need to show up the way you want to in the world!
  • 36-47 You are really starting to practice good self care. Now you just need to be more consistent! Pick one or two things you can focus on to build on your self care practice. Check out which areas need your attention the most!
  • 21-35 You are doing some great things, but your body is missing out on some really good care! Maybe you are having a hard time finding the time to focus on the building blocks mentioned above. Ask a friend or family member if they might be willing to help you find the time to practice great self care, or maybe even be a partner in doing it with you!
  • 0-20 There are exciting things in your future as you learn more about how to take good care of you! Don’t be discouraged. With a little information and some support, you can make significant changes in how you care for yourself that will translate into how you feel! Start with the small steps- drink a little more water, take a walk once or twice a week and try to get to bed 10 minutes earlier than you usually do. You will soon notice that these small steps are making it easier to get into a habit of prioritizing your own self care!

TakeCareofMom has some great ideas and lots of support in taking radically good care of yourself! Check out the blog posts for some ideas on how you can become a pro at taking care of YOU!


  1. Chelsea

    I love this! It definitely showed me where my self-care deficits are!

  2. Natalie

    This is awesome and definitely reiterated what I already knew. Great reminder to focus on what is lacking!


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