Episode 1: The Leadership Journey


Welcome to the very first episode of the Leadership Parenting Podcast!

Over the past many years, I’ve worked with moms- helping them learn how to take radically good care of themselves so they can become resilient and confident. 

You see, I have this theoretical therapy bag that contains decades of my studying, researching and practicing skills and ideas to help the women I have worked with. In the past, I’ve reached into the bag and pulled out just what I think the woman in front of me needs in that moment to help her. 

But in this podcast- I’ll be opening up the bag and sharing the knowledge with moms everywhere, because you shouldn’t have to go to therapy to know the basics of emotional and physical wellness. Everyone should know them!

Each podcast episode will take on one of the key components to being resilient. We will also talk about the challenges of parenting and how to create a vision for your family that you can follow during the good times and the hard times.

Being a mom is a unique calling- one that demands so much it can exhaust us and even threaten our individuality. It takes us to the deepest of lows and the height of joy.

I know this because I am a mom of 5 amazing children and for 30 years, I’ve worked with thousands of moms who are all trying to do the same thing- take good care of their kids and somehow find a way to survive themselves.  

In this episode- you will learn more about how I help women learn resilience and why it is so important to take care of the mom.

If a mom can care for herself, manage her own emotions, show compassion and kindness to herself and take charge of her own wellness, she will show her kids how to do that. She will lead her children to the same resilience skills. 

This is a leadership journey — it is your Leadership Parenting™ Journey!

Everything you want your kids to know and do in their lives- we want for you as their mom.

Moms and Dads need these, kids need these, we all need them.

You are invited to come on this journey with me and learn new skills and deepen your understanding and commitment to connecting with and taking care of yourself. 

Lead yourself to feeling safe, strong and confident, and then lead your family to do the same.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • Who I am and how I’m qualified to be your guide to more confidence and resilience
  • The power of resilience- what it is and how it can help you live a more balanced and happy life
  • Why you have to add yourself to your busy mom to-do list if you’re going to stay afloat.
  • How learning resilience needs to be practiced in your life so you can lead your kids to use it in their lives.

Mentioned on the Show:

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